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Autosave Post Title As Tags WordPress Plugin

About This Plugin

The Autosave Post Title as Tags plugin was created in response to the support thread created at

It takes your post title and use the words available there to create tags.

It is best used with titles that have little number of words.

The Future?

Though it is a one-off plugin, I may consider adding extra features if I have time.
One thought I have now is to include options of blacklisting certain words from becoming tags.


  • Upload the files to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory (preserve sub-directory structure if applicable)
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Release History:

  • Version 0.5:
    • Split by commas or spaces option

  • Version 0.4:
    • Added simple word blacklisting

  • Version 0.3:
    • Added support for group of text (in response to support request)

  • Version 0.2:
    • Bugfix: Tags are repeated.

  • Version 0.1:
    • Initial Code

Support and Feedback:

Feel free to give any feedback or report any bugs.

This plugin is released under the GNU General Public License V3.

View plugin project pages at: