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Version 1.x

About this PHP Class

The FTShorten Class is a development branch of the URL Shortener Plugin.

This PHP Class lies at the core of that plugin and provides the interface needed to send and receive a URL Shortening request to the list of supported services.

Updates to this class will be independent from the main URL Shortener Plugin branch.

Currently Supported Services

  • tinyurl
  • snipurl (aka Snurl / Snipr )
  • smsh (aka sm00sh)


  • For Version 1.0 :
A new class instance
$shorturl = new FTShorten();
URL Service
URL to Shorten
Service Username 
Service Password / User Key 
Define Prefix (for Snipurl / Snurl/ Snipr) 
Define Developer API key 
Notes: If Snipurl / Snurl / Snipr service is required, set “service” to “snipurl” and define the desired domain using “apiprefix”

Release History:

  • Version 1.0 :
    • First Independent Release
    • Supports services from Version 2.0 of URL Shortener Plugin.