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Version 2.x

About Version 2.x

This PHP class was completely re-written from the ground up to provide for more reusable components within the class itself.
In doing so, I've also made it easier for adding additional services this class.

Included Services

Below is the list of services that are currently packaged within the class:
  • tinyurl
  • Digg
  • snipurl / Snurl / Snipr / /
  • smsh (aka sm00sh)
  • Voizle
  • Yourls (Still unstable, experimenting)
  • Interdose API
Removed services

Class Usage


Function / Property
 Initiate new Class instance

 $shorturl = new FTShorten();
 Define Service   

 Define URL to Shorten

 Define Username

 Define API Key/Password

 Define Pingfm Developer API Key

 Returning the Shorturl

 Generic variable
(Depends on service.. check out source code on usage)