Known Issues


  • Shorcode support for Yourls not fully functional
  • Multiple entries for a URL may appear in the Yourls database. This is due to a concurrency issue with the yourls-api. This has already been reported by a user to the yourls forum.

Note (Before activating Yourls as your preferred shortener):
Add an entry for your WordPress blog homepage. This will prevent your page from freezing on first load as yourls-api would be able to return the shortened URL version without going into a request loop.


  • Not all services may work with the shortcode. 
  • However, non-login services are definitely working.

Snipurl / Snurl / / / Snipr

  • There seems to be an issue with their API sometimes which doesn't allow URLs to be shortened
  • Even the example in the API documentation is not working.
  • However, I've included a workaround for it which hopefully will work persistently.

"Generating..." error

  • Sometimes there seem to be a lag in the request from the URL services and as such, the request timeout is hit and the "generating.." placeholder isn't removed properly.
  • If such a case happens, just use the bulk removal tool to remove the affected post shorturls.