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Essay Fair-Use Policy

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  • Care has been taken to ensure that the essays reach a certain level of accuracy. However, should there be any errors, please help us improve or rectify it by reporting any errors found in the essays by commenting.
  • Plagiarism is strictly not supported and frowned upon by FusedThought Studios, “Thoughts that Fused” and its owners. FusedThought Studio, “Thoughts that Fused” or the owners are in no way responsible for the results from the use of the essays.
  • Where applicable, please link to the essay pages instead of re-posting it if no derivations were made to the essay.
  • The essays listed include those written by me and also some of my friends… (So to those whose essay I published) Since I can’t remember who wrote what, if you do want to claim ownership to some content and want it removed, please email me. Thanks.

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  • Feel free to report any bugs or drop me any feature requests.
  • WordPress plugins are mostly all licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 unless stated otherwise.
  • The plugins are provided “AS IS” with no warranty of any kind.
  • I'll do my best to support, provide for feature requests as well as update the plugins. However, it's subjected very much to my study/work timetable.

General Terms

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Comment Policy

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  • While relevant links in comments are welcomed, I will not hesitate to delete comments that are deliberately abusing it.
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  • In the event of a blog migration, Gerald Yeo reserves the right to move all contents and their comments posted here to the new blog / website.


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